Several candidates have formally entered the race to fill state Rep. David Frockt's (D-46, N. Seattle) vacant seat. (Frockt was recommended by the District and appointed by the King County Council earlier this week to fill state Sen. Scott White's open seat; White died suddently last month from previously undetected heart problems.)

We've listed some of the possible contenders before, but with the special caucus, where the District precinct committee officers will choose and forward names to the County Council, coming up on December 1, a few hopefuls have begun the official process by filling out questionnaires with the King County Democratic Central Committee. The committee will ratify the names the district PCOs choose. The King Council will make an appointment on December 5.

The questionnaires must be in five days prior to the special caucus meeting.

So far, questionnaires are in from: Sarajane Siegfriedt, a faith community low-income advocate and Democratic Party activist; Tony Provine, an active United Food and Commercial Workers Union member; Gerry Pollet, an attorney and leader in the effort to clean up Hanford's nuclear waste; Tatsuko Go Hollo, a researcher at the lefty Economic Policy Institute think tank; Javier Valdez, a longtime Democratic Party activist who's served as district chair in the 43rd and 46th and was endorsed for the spot by US Rep. Jim McDermott; and Gabe Meyer, a former CityClub and Municipal League guy who is currently the director of marketing at Art with Heart, a non-profit that connects disadvantaged kids with art.

You can read all the questionnaires here.

In the meantime, here's what each candidate identified as "the single most pressing issues" [sic] facing the 46th.

Siegfriedt: "The single most pressing issue for the 46th at the state level is raising revenue (by repealing corporate tax breaks) to prevent the devastating cuts to the social services safety net outlined in the Governor’s all-cuts budget."

Provine: "The most pressing issue facing our district and the State is the budget crisis resulting from the worse economic recession facing this State since the Great Depression. We need to explore new sources of revenue as well as eliminate some tax exemptions and recoup funds from other programs in order to provide health care and assistance to our most vulnerable residents and the funding necessary for quality education for our children."

Pollet: "Our children’s’ futures are being robbed by our state’s and nation’s choices during this great recession...I will offer legislation to have a public vote on whether the state’s voters want to retain each existing tax break that cost us over $100 million in revenue."

Go Hollo: "Individuals and families are experiencing the long-lasting effects of the recession. I would work to protect what remains of the social safety net, but also ensure that, despite the budget crisis, there is still energy around the potential for long-term reforms."

Valdez: "Dealing with the $2 billion deficit in the upcoming special session is the most pressing issues facing not only the 46th District, but the entire state of Washington. Our governor has proposed an all-cuts budget, which hurts working families, children, students, our environment, public safety, etc. If appointed, I will oppose the all-cuts budget proposal. I will work with my fellow legislators and seek to end unnecessary tax loopholes and raise revenue where we can."

Meyer: "Disparate economic  opportunities, long-term unemployment, high cost-of-living, a regressive tax structure that attacks social justice and opportunity."
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