Wednesday Jolt: Heroes

By Afternoon Jolt October 26, 2011

Today's Losers: Everyday Heroes

A team of activists dressed as superheroes gathered outside the Federal Building in downtown Seattle today, urging US Sen. Patty Murray to be a superhero on the bipartisan supercommittee that's charged with cutting $1.2 trillion to trim the deficit (part of President Obama's deficit deal which already ordered another $900 billion in cuts), by prioritizing investment over cuts.

A spokesman for the union-backed group, Working Washington, told PubliCola:

Superheroes turned out today to show their support for her prioritizing jobs, not cuts on the supercommittee. They were joined by everyday superheroes (including a nurse, a para-educator, and a healthcare tech) who brought their stories to Senator Murray's staff, along with examples of work that needs doing in our communities, and 6000 postcards collected by Washington CAN. Together, we showed our support for Senator Murray to be our superhero on the supercommittee.

However, at that exact same moment, news of the Democrats' cuts-heavy proposal leaked to the New York Times.

The Democratic plan would trim much more, a total of $2.5 trillion to $3 trillion, through cuts in the growth of federal entitlement programs, including Medicare, and more than $1 trillion in new tax revenues.

The Democrats’ plan also calls for several hundred billion dollars of savings in Medicare, though it was unclear how those savings would be achieved.

In April, Mr. Obama proposed savings of at least $200 billion in Medicare and at least $100 billion in Medicaid.

Murray's office refused to comment on the record about the details of the proposal.

Today's winner: Seattle-based Pacifica, a streetcar manufacturing company.

Mayor Mike McGinn announced today that Czech Republic-based Inekon and Seattle-based Pacifica have jointly won a contract to manufacture six First Hill Streetcar vehicles. The streetcars will be manufactured in the Czech Republic, but assembled, painted, tested, and maintained in Seattle, creating an estimated 20 new manufacturing jobs.
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