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McGinn: "I Don't Know" If Officers are Being Reassigned to Westlake

By Erica C. Barnett October 10, 2011

UPDATE: SPD spokesman Sean Whitcomb says officers are being shifted around the West Precinct, but that "were doing our best to be sensitive" to downtown trouble spots like Third and Pine. As of late morning, no officers were stationed at the intersection.

At a press briefing this morning, Mayor Mike McGinn said he didn't know whether the Seattle Police Department was reassigning officers from other parts of the West Precinct, including notorious trouble spots like Third and Pine, to monitor the Occupy Seattle protests at Westlake Plaza. Nor did he know how much the increased police presence at Westlake is costing the city in terms of officer hours or overtime.

"We'll probably have to start rounding up some numbers," McGinn said. "There's probably some overtime. Those are great questions and I'm not able to answer them."

"Obviously, if there's an officer at one place and not another, there's an impact. It's situational," McGinn said, comparing the protests to Seafair and other big public events. "When we have large public gatherings, for example, when we get big crowds, and there are people who show up to do violent or illegal things, it's appropriate for us to mobilize."

SPD spokesman Sean Whitcomb has not  yet returned a call for information about the police presence at Westlake.
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