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By Josh Feit October 25, 2011

We're not doing endorsements this year, but we are taking a close look at all the ballot measures and candidates to help you vote.

Sticking with our commitment to be a more objective and balanced source of news (yep, this “liberal” site is the site that broke the story that the state stopped Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee from transferring unlimited “surplus funds” from his congressional campaign to his campaign for governor), we’re doing things differently this year than we have in the past.

Inspired by the even-keeled Seattle/King County Municipal League’s approach to candidates (rather than endorsing, the Muni League rates based on skill, experience, and policy acumen as opposed to ideology), we’ve been talking to candidates and interviewing folks on both sides of the ballot measures to come up with our own ratings.

(Here’s our take on I-1125, the tolling initiative, our take on I-1183, the liquor privatization measure, and I-1163, the health care worker training initiative. And here’s our rating of King County Council Position 6 incumbent Jane Hague and her challenger, Richard Mitchell, and our take on the candidates for Seattle City Council Position 1 , Seattle City Council Position 3, Seattle City Council Position 5Seattle Port Commission Position 5., the Seattle School Board.)

We will be publishing our assessments of the remaining candidates and measures over the next several days.
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