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In Which We Get Beaten Tiger-Style

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee October 28, 2011

Remember back in the pre-season when you could look at the Seahawks' schedule, see games against Cleveland and Cincinnati on the schedule, and look forward to a couple of sure wins? Now, not so much.

This Sunday, The 2-4 Hawks play the Bengals, 4-2, without either of our starting cornerbacks—Marcus Trufaunt and Walter Thurmond are both out for the season. And Charlie Whitehurst might be leading the offense again.

Maybe Cincy's rookie QB will crack under the stress of playing at noisy-ass Centurylink Field.  But, in a more likely scenario, I think he'll probably just throw the ball all over the place while AJ Green feasts on the bones of CBs Brandon Browner and/or Richard Sherman.

It can't be any worse than last week's 6-3 field goal fest. Seriously, I have never seen such an awful game of football.

I'm tired of this season. I'll be over here watching UW's Keith Price throw 20 touchdowns a game while Nick Holt masters the art of being the most intense dude ever.
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