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Hormones And Throat Jamming: A Seahawks Tale of Woe

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee October 31, 2011

Just as soon as I declared that I'm "tired" of this awful Seahawks season and vowed to start enjoying Husky games, I got offered a ticket to Sunday's game  and had to go watch 'em lose in-person.

I'm also pretty sure I'll have to give up my 99-percenter card after being close enough to the action to take this picture with my iPhone (hence the shittiness). But they were realllllllly good seats.  Too bad we lost 34-12.

The Bengal's rookie monster WR AJ Green did indeed have his way with our young CBs, Charlie Whitehurst started the game, only to get pulled after making a gazillion consecutively bad plays.

Oh, and the Hawks tried to punch the ball in from the three yard line on 4th and 2 with 12 seconds to go before half-time. It didn't happen. Which led Pete Carroll to explain his playcalling thusly at a press conference:
We learned about what happens when a coach gets hormonal and tries to jam it down their frickin’ throat for the touchdown.

Next week: the stupid, stupid Cowboys.
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