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1) Bad news for Prop. 1, the $60 car-tab measure that would pay for road maintenance, transit speed and reliability improvements, and bike and ped projects in Seattle: The good-government Seattle King County Municipal League, which typically endorses local tax measures (they support this year's Families and Education Levy, for example), opposes Prop. 1, on the grounds that it doesn't provide enough funding for basic road maintenance. [pullquote]The Muni League opposes Prop. 1, on the grounds that it doesn't provide enough funding for basic road maintenance.[/pullquote]

In a statement, the League said:
While we recognize the importance of investing in the City’s transportation system, the measure as structured is problematic. We are troubled by the vague nature of the plan and the priorities reflected (particularly the significant support for high-capacity planning studies when there is a significant maintenance backlog). In these uncertain economic times, we are also hesitant to support a measure that relies on such a regressive tax.

2) The Bellevue city council deadlocked last night on whether to endorse on Tim Eyman's tolling initiative, I-1125, the NW Progressive Institute reports. The measure, which would prevent light rail on I-90, is backed by Bellevue developer Kemper Freeman, who has provided financial support to all three of last night's holdouts.

Freeman-backed council members Conrad Lee and Don Davidson argued that it wasn't the council's place to take a position on 1125, while another Freeman ally,  Kevin Wallace, said he would vote in favor of endorsing it. Claudia Balducci, Grant Degginger, and John Chelminiak, opponents of the measure, pointed out that the council takes positions all the time on state and federal measures.

Because Jennifer Robertson, a member of the four-member council majority opposing light rail, was absent, the council deadlocked 3-3 and opted not to take any action on the measure.