Thursday Jolt: The 2013 Mayor's Race

By Afternoon Jolt September 29, 2011

Today's winners are: Tim Burgess, Maud Daudon, Bruce Harrell, and anyone else that's thinking of running for mayor in 2013, including Mayor Mike McGinn.

And today's loser is the other name that always comes up: State Sen. Ed Murray.

If you haven't seen, Erica has a story today that Murray (D-43, Seattle)—along with co-sponsor state Sen. Scott White (D-46, Seattle)—added an amendment to the stadium tax bill that gave Safeco Field the authority to take over a parking tax from the city that will cost Seattle up to $300,000 a year.

Here's what Murray told us:

“I’m very disappointed at what Richard Conlin said,” Murray told PubliCola by phone. “That language was in the bill that the House passed, supported by the city of Seattle. The question is, why are they only now finding out about something [in a bill] they supported?”

“It’s not Ed Murray and Scott White doing some sweet deal for the Mariners,” Murray added, noting that versions of the bill that included the parking-tax language have been in front of both houses of the legislature many times in the past.

While it's true that the amendment existed (in a related convention center bill earlier in the session), it's also true that the controversial provision giving Safeco Field the power to grab the city's tax wasn't added to the bill that ultimately passed until the end of the special session.

But that doesn't really answer the basic question: Why the provision in the first place? That's something Seattle voters need to hear from Murray. When we asked him, he responded that the city supported the underlying legislation.

The Mariners' contributions to Sens. Murray and White seem inconsequential—$250 to Murray and White each in July 2010.
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