SPD Testing Five Vehicles As Patrol Car of the Futurrrrrrrrrrrrre

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee September 19, 2011

Ford is retiring the Crown Victoria sedan—the basis for majority of the Seattle Police Department's fleet—so SPD's looking for a new ride.

According to Katherine Schubert-Knapp, spokeswoman for the city's Department of Finance & Administrative Services, the city  is purchasing four "specially designed" test drive models—a Ford Interceptor, a "Ford SUV," a Chevrolet Caprice, and a GMC Yukon—to check out in the next three to four months.

By mid-2012, Schubert-Knapp says, "SPD will then select its patrol car of the future...order 2012 replacement vehicles."

We're doing a little unpaid focus grouping for SPD to help out. So let 'em know which car you'd most like to see in a televised multi-county police chase.


The Ford Interceptor:


A "Ford SUV" (which we'll assume looks something like this, but cop-ier)

The Chevrolet Caprice:

A gas-guzzling  GMC Yukon:


Although the department is not considering adding these beauties to the fleet—despite the fact that they run on an environmentally-friendly combination of cocaine and broken dreams—I think a strong push in this poll could really force the department's hand:

Vote in the comments! Democracy!

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