Prosecutors Charge Gang Members In Car Show Mass-Shooting

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee September 15, 2011

Kent police have arrested four gang members and are looking for two others in connection with a bloody mass-shooting at a lowrider car show in Kent which left 12 people wounded.

Prosecutors filed three counts of first-degree assault against Nicholas Moreno (aka Dreamer), Ignacio Vazquez-Trevino (aka Chito), and Martin McSmith after they allegedly "pulled out guns and started firing into the crowd" of more than 200 people at the car show, according to court records.

Prosecutors have also charged Shea and Patrick Auble (aka Scrappy) with rendering criminal assistance, and charged James Lopez Jr (aka Chingon) for drive-by shooting.

Prosecutors say all six men are members of the Playboys Surenos gang.

Court records say the shooting at a Kent lowrider car show and rap concert at the La Plaza strip mall on July 23 began following a dispute between members of the Playboys Surenos and then-allied Varrios Locos and Little Valley Lokotes gangs.

Members of the Playboys Surenos opened fire at the crowded event, wounding 12 people, many of whom were gang members, according to police.

Police later found 17 shell casings from five different guns at the scene.

Following the shooting, prosecutors say several witnesses received threatening phone calls, warning them not to talk to police.

Prosecutors say McSmith, Lopez, and the Aubles in custody, while Moreno and Vazquez-Trevino have $750,000 warrants for their arrest.
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