Today is PARK(ing) day in Seattle. (No, it's not a day of free parking in Seattle, which will happen with the Second Coming.) Organized in Seattle by Feet First, a local nonprofit that promotes walkable communities, PARK(ing) Day is a global event that transforms mundane street parking spaces into artistic meditations on the wisdom of designing our cities around the movement and storage of cars, rather than building more interactive spaces for people. Each parking space has been transformed into a mini public "park" (pun alert!), with the intent of inspiring people to envision a city with more green space and area for social activities. There are 16 PARK(ing) installations total scattered throughout Seattle, each created by a local design firm or civic organization.

Local architecture company Bohlin Cywisnki Jackson brought a lovely cone garden to the inhabitants of 1rst and Virginia.

The cones, which come in an assortment of heights, have been intentionally arranged in a way to form an elegant "typography" when viewed from above.

Here are the other PARK(ing) spots:

1. Evanston N & N. 36th St

2. Queen Anne N (between W. Boston St and McGraw St.)

3. Boren Ave N. (between Thomas St. and Harrison St.)

4. Cal Anderson Park

5. 12th Ave (between E. Olive St. & E. Howell St.)

6. Melrose Ave & Pine St

7. Rainier Ave S. (between S. Ferdinand St. & S. Edmunds St.)

8. 1rst Ave (between Steward St. & Virginia St.)

9. 1rst Ave (between Union St. and Pike St.)

10. University St. (between 1rst & 2nd Ave.)

11. 1rst Ave (between Seneca St. & University St.)

12. 5th Ave. (between Columbia St. & Marion St.)

13. 1rst Ave. (between Columbia St. & Marion St.)

14. Occidental Ave S. (Between S. King St. & S. Jackson St.)
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