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Necessitating Still More Cuts

By Morning Fizz September 21, 2011

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1. Mayor Mike McGinn won't deliver his annual budget speech until next Monday, but rumors are already flying about what his budget contains. (Although revenues are expected to grow modestly---3 percent---in 2012, expenses are growing at a faster pace, necessitating still more cuts).[pullquote]The budget could include cutting as many as 100 city staff positions, or about 75 employees. [/pullquote]

PubliCola hears the budget could include cutting as many as 100 city staff positions, or about 75 employees (with the remaining 25 cuts accomplished by eliminating vacant positions), reducing library hours further (many branch libraries are already closed on Fridays and Sundays and don't open until 1 pm some weekdays), and making more cuts to community centers.

The city council is also debating whether to spend $1.9 million replenishing the rainy day fund, which helps backfill budget shortfalls in lean years, this year or waiting until 2013 when the city will presumably be on sounder financial footing.

2. The 43rd District Democrats (Capitol Hill, U. District, Wallingford) made its general election endorsements last night.

They are:

City Council, Position 1: challenger Bobby Forch

City Council, Postion 3: No endorsement (on the second ballot, incumbent Bruce Harrell got 57 plus, and challenger Brad Meacham was right under 40). Endorsements require 60 percent.

School Board, Position 1, N. Seattle: challenger Sharon Peaslee

School Board, Position 2, Green Lake area: incumbent Sherry Carr

School Board, Position 6, W. Seattle: No Endorsement

*The District had already endorsed Michelle Buetow in the other race on the ballot, Position 3, Capitol Hill. Challenger Buetow is running against incumbent Harium Martin-Morris.

I-1183,  the Costco initiative to privatize liquor: No

I-1163, the SEIU initiative to fund home health care worker training: Yes

Proposition 1, the Families and Education Levy: Yes

Seattle Transportation Benefits District Prop 1, the $60 vehicle license fee for transportation funding: No position. (Yes had the majority of votes, though.)

 3. Re: the fact that yesterday's Jolt labeled US Sen. Maria Cantwell a loser because the GOP field is making Wall Street reform (legislation that has her fingerprints all over it) a job killing bogey man for 2012. Cantwell's office alerted us to this—a July 2011 AARP poll showing that 77 percent of Americans support the tougher regulations on Wall Street.

4. Hey, fans, if you don't have the time or patience to wade through all the nerdy politics coverage here to find Jonah's gritty reports, we've added a "Crime" button at the top of the site.

Click on that for all of Jonah's shoe leather reporting.

5. Gov. Chris Gregoire just released the following statement on the week-old Tacoma teachers strike (note the sly dig with the finger-wagging school principal rhetoric):
There is no question that the Tacoma teacher strike has continued for far too long – disrupting the lives of families and the 28,000 students who need to be in school. I directed, and both sides have agreed to return to the bargaining table this morning. If no deal is reached by 3 p.m. this afternoon, both the district and the union will report to my office and stay until their differences are reconciled and the school doors reopen.

Say what you want about Gregoire, but the one indisputable talent she has is overseeing negotiations. Expect a deal to emerge pronto.
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