Earlier this month, of course, we announced the news that we hired local crime reporter Jonah Spangenthal-Lee.

And damn, the guy got us linked on Gawker's Deadspin his first week on the job. (I guess the explains the 900-plus "likes" on his insane post about the impromptu "weenie" roast.)

Here's some more pertinent news for you Jonah fans. Last night, we merged his former SeattleCrime.com website into PubliCola. This means all 2000-plus articles Jonah wrote are now on the PubliCola site and credited to Jonah if you click on his name. All the old SeattleCrime.com story URL Links will auto redirect to the same story on PubliCola.com so all URL's will work automatically.

And here's the update on Jonah's crime map: Patience. Stay tuned.
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