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And Yet Another $1.4 million from Costco to Privatize Liquor

By Josh Feit September 27, 2011

Campaign finance reports show that Costco has contributed another $1.4 million to I-1183, the liquor privatization measure. Their September 21 contribution is in addition to the $5 million they've already kicked in.

Costco's latest pour brings the pro-privatization campaign even with the opposition campaign at just more than $6 million.

Last we checked in, the anti-camp was leading the cash chase by $1 million. Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America Inc., the main funders of the anti-campaign, having contributed more than $3 million to stop privatization.

The measure takes the state out of the liquor store business and allows large scale retailers—at least 10,000 square feet—to sell booze in exchange for 17 percent of their annual liquor revenue.

Under the measure, the state would still regulate liquor sales.
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