Afternoon Jolt: Dorn Defies Gregoire

By Afternoon Jolt September 30, 2011

Today's winner, symbolic (?) gesture edition: State schools superintendent Randy Dorn. 

Dorn, frustrated by Gov. Chris Gregoire's insistence that he come up with another 10 percent in cuts to education, says he will refuse to submit a budget this year on the grounds that the order violates the state constitution, which says education is the paramount responsibility of the state, the Tacoma News-Tribune reports.

The state Office of Financial Management is putting together supplemental budgets for state agencies, using input from them. Dorn said he has ordered his staffers not to submit recommendations, although he says they’re available to work with budget writers.

Dorn maintains that cuts to full-day kindergarten and class-size reduction for high-poverty schools, among others, are unconstitutional.

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