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The Tunnel Haters from the Right

By Morning Fizz August 16, 2011

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1. Yesterday's Fizz reported on polling we'd heard about—from the pro-tunnel side—that had the pro folks ahead on Ref. 1. We cautioned that the pro folks shouldn't get too cocky, though, because Mayor Mike McGinn's green troops are good campaigners.

However, we finally got someone deep in the pro campaign to talk about the poll, and it sounds like—while they do claim to be ahead—they're less worried about McGinn's green vote than they are about the tunnel haters from the right, the rebuild side. [pullquote]They're less worried about McGinn's green vote than they are about the tunnel haters from the right, the rebuild side.[/pullquote]

Here's the text I got from a pro-tunnel campaigner yesterday after I pressed him about this supposed poll.
We polled a few weeks ago and were ahead. It probably tightened as elevated holdouts vote against tunnel (but not for surface...) it will be close tomorrow I think.

2. Speaking of today's election, here are Josh and Erica's predictions (not how either wants it go necessarily, just their predictions):

Veterans and Human Services Levy

Josh: Pass

Erica: Pass

Seattle Ref. 1 (the tunnel)

Josh: Fail, 47-53

Erica: Fail, 48-52

King County Council Position 6

Josh: Incumbent Jane Hague and challenger John Creighton go through

Erica: Hague and Creighton go through

King County Council Position 8

Josh: Incumbent Joe McDermott and challenger Diana Toledo go through

Erica: McDermott and Toledo go through

Seattle City Council Position 1

Josh: Jean Godden 37, Bobby Forch 31, Maurice Classen 24, Michael Taylor-Judd 8

Erica: Jean Godden 40, Maurice Classen 30, Bobby Forch 22, Michael Taylor-Judd 8

Seattle City Council Position 9

Josh: Sally Clark 71, Dian Ferguson 25, Fathi Karshie 4

Erica: Sally Clark 69, Dian Ferguson 27, Fathi Karshie 4

And if you want to hit tonight's parties, Lummy compiled a list of where the action's at.

3. Last week, Seattle City Council member Tim Burgess asked people to take an online survey about the city's pending vehicle license fee. Today he posted the results.

Burgess himself highlighted two of the findings on his blog: A)When asked to name the two most significant problems facing Seattle, people overwhelmingly said transit and providing alternative modes of transit. And B) When asked to identify with one of two statements—whether Seattle should focus on increasing transit options or fixing streets and repairing potholes---expanding transit options was the big winner.

None of these findings are surprising given that it was a poll about a transit fee (434 people took it). The most germane finding we see in the results is this: When asked the same question the council is being asked to vote on—how much should the vehicle license fee be—the overwhelming majority, 57.8 percent, said $80.

The council, which is leaning toward a $60 option, is meeting at 11 am today to vote. They're holding a 12:30 press conference. The mayor, who is for the $80 option, is not part of the press conference.

4. Speaking of vehicle license fees (or congestion relief fees, as the Democrats like to call them), Erica's blow by blow coverage of yesterday's dramatic 7-2 bipartisan King County Council vote for a $20 fee to stave off 17 percent cuts in Metro service is all right here.
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