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1. State Rep. Roger Goodman (D-45), running against at least three other Democrats for the seat currently held by US Rep. Jay Inslee (D-WA, 1), who's giving up his congressional seat to run for governor, announced another in a long string of endorsements yesterday: Former state Rep. Al O'Brien, who said Goodman "thoroughly understands the law," adding that the state rep, a longtime advocate for pot reform, "knows the importance and the value of prevention."

So far, both Goodman and his opponents, Democratic state Sen. Steve Hobbs (D-44) and former state rep Laura Ruderman have been racking up endorsements while a fourth candidate, state Rep. Marko Liias (D-21) has been falling behind. Liias tells PubliCola he'll be unveiling a list of endorsements soon.

2. Speaking of endorsements in this Democratic Party intramural, here's some news that strains allegiances: Political consultant Beth Lindsay—along with lots of women—is listed as a Ruderman supporter for Ruderman's latest campaign event. (Other local women  lining up behind Ruderman: Karen Cooper, Sue Evans, Maureen Judge, Dana Laurent, Cindi Laws, Lisa MacLean, Anne Martens, Alison Peters, and Heidi Wills.) [pullquote]The thing about Lindsay is this, though: She works with big deal political consultant Christian Sinderman[/pullquote]

The thing about Lindsay is this, though: She works with Christian Sinderman at bigwig consulting firm NW Passage, which, as Fizz noted last week, is working for Ruderman's rival Liias.

3. As for consultant Cindi Laws, her name jumped out at Fizz as we were reading this report on Washington State Wire about the campaign against Initiative 1163, the SEIU-backed measure that would mandate training for home health-care workers.

Laws, the former monorail board member who went on to run former NBA player James Donaldson's unsuccessful mayoral campaign in 2009, is the campaign manager for the "No on I-1163" campaign.

Laws told Washington State Wire she was perplexed by the fiscal statement attached to I-1163, which she says gives voters no way to know how much the measure would actually cost.

4. As of yesterday afternoon's vote count, Seattle School Board candidate Michele Beutow---challenging incumbent Harium Martin-Morris for his Seattle School District 3 seat---appeared poised to go forward to the general, with 176 more votes than third-place finisher John Dunn.

Together, the two challengers have 55.5 percent of the vote to Martin-Morris' 41.13 percent.

5. Seattle Magazine asked Josh to weigh in for their "Big Idea" issue. His "Big Idea" ? A Seattle Process Tax.

6. Re: the whole Inslee flap over the federal money he can't legally transfer to his gubernatorial campaign. Can't he legally give it to the Democratic Party, and can't they legally spend it on his race?
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