As I noted earlier, Washington State US. Sen. Patty Murray is the only woman on the 12-member congressional "supercommitee" charged with cutting $1.5 trillion from the federal budget. (That's 8 percent representation, or half women's already paltry 16 percent representation in Congress overall). Why does the makeup of the committee matter? Because when women aren't at the table, programs that disproportionately benefit and employe women---like child care, education, food assistance, and Medicare---are the first to go.

Asked by PubliCola whether Murray felt the makeup of the committee is fair or representative, Murray's spokesman Eli Zupnick responded: "Senator Murray would always like to see more women at the table, but as the only one on this Committee she will be in there fighting for those women who don’t have a voice at the table—as well as for everyone who is counting on her and her colleagues to come together with a balanced plan that works for families across the country."
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