Suzan DelBene, Director of the Department of Revenue, told PubliCola yesterday that she's "thinking about" making a second run for congress in 2012. Democrat DelBene a former Microsoft marketing director and VP and a techie entrepreneur, ran against US Rep. Dave Reichert (R-WA, 8 ) in 2010 losing 52.05 to 47.95.

DelBene, who put $2.3 million of her own money toward her 2010 run in loans and contributions, says she's waiting to see how the redistricting process shakes out. The process could keep her in the 8th or bump her into the cluster of Democrats vying for US Rep. Jay Inslee's open seat in the 1st, north and west of the 8th.

Asked if she relished a rematch with Reichert, DelBene said, "It's about the economy. I would run because we don't have good financial leadership in congress."

Asked if she could download as much money as she did last time, she said, "I will build the support that any campaign needs."
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