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Dear PubliCola Commenters:

By Erica C. Barnett August 23, 2011

Due to overwhelming demand, commenter Monster has been banned from the site for abusive, derogatory comments.

PubliCola isn't in the practice of banning commenters, and we appreciate different points of view in the comments (yes, we, too get tired of predictable lefties spouting Democratic Party talking points). We've warned Monster about his juvenile, ugly comments before in an effort to keep his sometimes on-point conservative POV on the site.

However, as many of you have pointed out in emails and comments, Monster's comments weren't contributing to the conversation and were starting to keep some of you out of the comments threads. So we've banned him.

In keeping with our New Year's resolution to continue to distinguish ourselves from screechy Democratic Party blogs and be an even-keeled source of local news, we'll never ban any commenter based on ideology.
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