Campaign Fizz: The Latest Election Results

By Erica C. Barnett August 18, 2011

The latest election results are in.

Here's the summary (full results, which represent the votes of about 300,000 King County residents, here):

• Incumbents, in general, continued to increase their leads over challengers, with city council member Sally Clark, for example, going from 71.89 percent to 72.51.

• One exception: Embattled council member Jean Godden, whose lead over challenger Bobby Forch continued to slip, from 45.23-24.12 to 44.45-25.36;

• Another: King County Council District 6 representative Jane Hague, whose lead over challenger Richard Mitchell also slipped, from 38.78-29.06 to 38.33-29.68;

• Ref. 1 is still winning, now by exactly 59 to 41;

• And challengers in two school board races gained on the incumbent, while another slipped. (Incumbent Peter Mailer has more than 51 percent and will presumably be reelected). Kate Martin gained more than a point in her challenge against Sherry Carr, with 31.45 percent to Carr's 40.5 percent, while Michelle Buetow lost a little ground, slipping from 28.59 to 28.28 percent to incumbent Harium Martin-Morris' 41.54 percent (in the last count, Martin-Morris had  41.92 percent). And Marty McLaren, challenging Steve Sundquist, inched forward, closing the margin from 29.78-43.91 to 30.09-43.51.
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