Campaign Fizz: Election Day Edition

By Erica C. Barnett August 16, 2011

Your one-stop shop for the day's local campaign news, gossip, and analysis.

• It's election day: Ballots must be postmarked by today, or dropped off at King County Elections drop boxes by 8:00 pm.

• King County Elections was projecting a turnout of 52 percent, but elections communication manager Kim van Eckstrom says that she'd be "very surprised if there was a large enough surge to meet that" expectation. So far, the elections division has received just 262,000 ballots, out of about 1.1 million registered voters, or about 24 percent.

• Bobby Forch, who's in a tight race against city council member Jean Godden and fellow Godden challenger Maurice Classen, reported $5,200 in contributions yesterday, the vast majority of it from cab drivers, who have given thousands to his campaign.

This is the second big influx to Forch from cabbies, who gave him a total of about $2,500 in July. In 2008, Godden pushed back against a proposal to vastly expand the number of taxi licenses in the city (something drivers for STITA Taxi say they need now that they can no longer pick up passengers at the airport) and pushed to require cabbies to buy fuel-efficient cars.

• Meanwhile, Colby Underwood, Forch's campaign fundraiser, has taken a pay cut during the campaign: From $2,300 in May and April (and $2,000 in March) to $1,500 in June and July. Forch has not returned a call for comment, but his consultant John Wyble says, "We're trying to get through the primary [with limited money] like everybody else."

• Let's Move Forward, the pro-tunnel campaign, has raised about $480,000 so far, the reports. Those contributions include: $100 from Plymouth Housing Group executive director Paul Lambros; $3,000 from philanthropist and environmental donor Maryanne Tagney Jones; $2,500 from the Master Builders Association; and $100 from  Seattle Chamber CEO Phil Bussey.

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