Today's winner: The South Lake Union Streetcar.

The Seattle Transit Blog reports that, year-over-year, ridership on the 2.6-mile downtown-to-South-Lake Union streetcar has increased substantially, rising from 1,906 riders on an average weekday in June 2010 to 2,812 riders on an average weekday in June 2011. "From June 2009 to June 2011 average daily ridership grew by 64%."

That good news reflects the fact that more people are living and working in South Lake Union than ever before.

Today's loser: King County Metro.

As ridership goes, though, 2,800 on a typical weekday can't compare to a comparable stretch of a typical downtown Metro bus route---and King County Metro spends around $2.5 million a year to run the service, which is not linked to the regional ORCA card transit pass. Metro, incidentally, is holding a big public meeting tonight to hear public testimony on a proposal to reduce transit service by 17 percent, and a potential $20 vehicle license fee to temporarily defray those cuts.
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