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Seattlecrime.com: NOW Joins McGinn's Anti-Trafficking Crusade

By Erica C. Barnett July 22, 2011

Over at Seattlecrime.com, Jonah Spangenthal-Lee got hold of a letter from the Hollywood chapter of the National Organization for Women supporting Mayor Mike McGinn's crusade against child sex trafficking through the web site Backpage.com. Backpage is owned by Village Voice Media, which owns the Seattle Weekly. In the letter, the NOW members say they are asking the US Conference of Mayors to join McGinn in pulling all of their cities' advertising from VVM-owned weekly papers until they can demonstrate that they aren't running ads for trafficked children.

We are writing to thank you as well as to offer our support for your continued efforts to end sex trafficking in the Village Voice & their subsidiary publications.

Human trafficking is an international epidemic.  According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), an estimated 12.3 million people are enslaved in forced labor, bonded labor, forced child labor, sexual servitude, and involuntary servitude at any given time around the world. [...]

We are asking that the US Conference of Mayors follow in your footsteps and resolve to discontinue advertising in the Village Voice and its subsidiary outlets until further investigation confirms that neither sex trafficking nor child prostitution are taking place in these publications.  Furthermore, we are asking that the Mayors recommit their efforts to identify and eradicate sex trafficking in their respective communities.

As an organization dedicated to helping achieve equality for all women, Hollywood NOW believes these are important steps in protecting women and girls as well as empowering all survivors of sex trafficking to come forward and seek assistance.

Read the whole letter here.

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