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Seattle Not Most Expensive City to Park in After All

By Erica C. Barnett July 12, 2011

Take that, parking whiners: According to a new survey of parking rates around the country, Seattle ranks sixth in the nation in parking rates, at an average of  $24 a day, or $294 a month. That's behind Midtown Manhattan ($41 a day, or more than $540 a month), downtown Manhattan ($533 a month), Boston ($34 a day, or $438 a month), Honolulu ($38 a day, or 217 a month), and San Francisco ($26 a day, or $375 a month).
The silver lining, DailyFinance.com reports: "Nowhere compares to London, where monthly parking costs a whopping $1,084, followed by Zurich at $822 and Hong Kong at $745."

Parking, like driving, is heavily subsidized in the US. In 2002, according to Donald Shoup, author of The High Cost of Free Parking, the total subsidy for off-street parking alone was between $127 and $374 billion in 2002.

At the risk of quoting myself:

We all pay for that parking, whether we drive or not, in the form of higher rents, more expensive dining and entertainment, and higher home-ownership costs. Moreover, more parking leads to more driving (supply, meet demand), which leads to more sprawl, more congestion, more accidents, and more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Those costs are borne by everyone, not just people those who drive. Your “free” parking is your neighbor’s kid’s asthma.

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