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PI: Pike Place Market Objects to Food Vendor Ordinance

By Josh Feit July 14, 2011

The PI.com has a report on a City Council hearing about the pending the street food ordinance. The proposal—we had a lively ThinkTank installment on it here—would allow food vendors to set up along some roadways (instead of just on private property, which is all the current system allows), and would allow food carts to offer more kinds of hot food than they currently can.

The PI reports:
[Sally] Clark said the Market makes a “compelling argument” that there’s already enough activity happening in its right-of-ways, including produce stalls, buskers, and seasonal crowds and activities. She was interested in exploring whether the city should make the Market’s historic district off-limits to the street food bill.

The Market also proposed a 150-foot buffer around its historic boundary. Clark didn’t support that.
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