Here's a follow-up to my post yesterday about Rob McKenna vs. Jay Inslee on last session's education reform bill. (As I reported: While the bill—Obama-style teacher accountability legislation—is a cornerstone of McKenna's stump speech, Inslee's campaign told PubliCola Inslee wasn't a fan of the bill.)

In that post, I noted that the National Education Association, the teachers' union, which has been opposed to the controversial Obama reform agenda, was Inslee's ninth-biggest all time donor, giving $58,000 since 1999.

Now, here's a stat on the first round of fundraising numbers to come in on the governor's race. Inslee raised nearly $10,000 from teachers and educators—not the union, just individual teachers, about 30 of them. McKenna has raised just $850 from teachers, a low number for a candidate who's stumping on education issues.

In a separate post, I also reported yesterday that one of McKenna's top donors was Arkansas corporate giant Wal-Mart. In related news, it turns out that McKenna has gotten $28,000 from 29 out-of-state donors, including $1,600 from Capital One, $3,200 from BNSF railroad, and $1,600 from DC-based lobbying firm Dickstein-Shapiro, which represents coal and oil (Peabody, DKRW Energy) tobacco (Lorillard) and chemicals (Dupont).

Dickstein Shapiro is a longtime McKenna supporter, donating $14,000 over his AG career.

Inslee has gotten 11 out-of-state donations, for about $4,000.
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