Taking advantage of an AP report that US Rep. Jay Inslee is transferring $1 million from his congressional campaign "surplus fund" to his gubernatorial campaign, the Rob McKenna campaign sent out a fundraising appeal to McKenna supporter this morning that calls the transfer illegal.
The leading Democratic contender, Congressman Jay Inslee, has a war chest of over $1,000,000 in his re-election campaign for Congress. This week the media is reporting that he intends to illegally transfer that money to his state campaign for governor. We cannot let him play by D.C. rules because OUR WASHINGTON should not be for sale.

But the best defense is always a great offense. So, help us balance out Congressman Inslee’s attempted Illegal Million Dollar Transfer with a donation of $100, $50, $25 or any amount before our July 31 financial deadline

However, the AP also reported that the state Public Disclosure Commission, which regulates campaign finance, said the transfer was in sync with state rules.

Perhaps anticipating McKenna's reaction, the Washington State Democratic Party put out a statement yesterday making fun of McKenna, currently the attorney general, for not knowing the state rules. (McKenna has been a staunch defender of the PDC's campaign finance rules, winning a case that upheld limits on last minute campaign contributions.)

The Democrats' press release said:
As reported by the Associated Press, the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) confirmed that the Inslee campaign was lawfully allowed to transfer funds from one account to another by obtaining prior written consent from donors.  Despite the full legality of these actions, McKenna allowed his campaign to misrepresent the state’s campaign finance laws to fuel political attacks against Jay Inslee.

“Just because he wears the badge of attorney general doesn't mean that Rob McKenna gets to manipulate state law to suit his political agenda,” Pelz said.  “Rob McKenna, attorney general, surely understands the law.  Rob McKenna, candidate for governor, should know better.”

Call are in to the PDC, the McKenna campaign, and the AG's office.
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