PubliCola Adds Life

Double Shot of KOMO Cola

By Erica C. Barnett July 12, 2011

Josh and I will both be on KOMO radio (AM1000) today to talk about recent PubliCola headlines. I'll be on with John Carlson at 11:45 talking about the shakeup in the Seattle Human Services Department, where Aging and Disability Services Director Pam Piering and two other contracting employees have been put on administrative leave over allegations that a nonprofit social service agency misappropriated $89,000 in city funds, and that another $300,000 has not been properly accounted for. Senior-services advocates have accused HSD director Dannette Smith of age discrimination, alleging that all the ADS employees who've been fired under her watch are over 50.

Josh will be on with Ken Schram at 12:45 to talk about his story about an aborted speech by Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna, who called the police on a Democratic Party activist who refused to stop videotaping his talk to a group of Young Republicans in Bellevue. The activist, Zach Wurtz, calmly told an agitated McKenna and his supporters that the speech was in a public place, that he’d seen the event advertised online, that he checked with the building’s rules, and that McKenna was a public figure. "I'm just here to listen to what the attorney general has to say."
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