Sansei's Seattle Location Has an Opening Date

And it's not too far away.

02/15/2016 By Allecia Vermillion

Big News

Hawaii's DK Kodama Will Open His First Mainland Restaurant in Downtown Seattle

His fifth Sansei Seafood Restaurant and Sushi Bar should debut this fall.

05/12/2015 By Allecia Vermillion

Food & Drink Events

Nosh Pit Weekly Planner: April 29–May 5

The week in which: The Calf and Kid celebrates, Dining Out for Life returns, and Tavolàta hosts a lobster feast.

04/29/2015 By Aoife Reilly

Morning Fizz

Campaign Kickoffs and Affordable Housing

Friday Likes and Dislikes

03/27/2015 By Josh Feit

City of Literature

“If You Could Make Seattleites Read One Book, What Would It Be?”

We asked six local writers to each nail down one must-read book for city dwellers.

03/24/2015 By Seattle Met Staff

Pop Culture Blast

Monday Morning Pick-Me-Up: Seahawks Nab Jimmy Graham While the Mariners Get Will Ferrell

Which superstar athlete will have a bigger impact? Time will tell...

03/16/2015 By Seth Sommerfeld


The Brief, Extraordinary Life of Cody Spafford

Cody Spafford found both solace and redemption in the kitchen of Seattle’s most celebrated restaurant. What turned a promising chef into a bank robber?

03/10/2015 By Allecia Vermillion


PubliCalendar: "The Berlin Patient" in Seattle

Today's picks for civic nerds

02/26/2015 By Darren Davis and Atoosa Moinzadeh

The Sporting Life

The Marshawn Lynch Biopic Doesn't Look Very Good

So we recut it.

02/24/2015 By Matthew Halverson


A Taxonomy of Brunchers

Illustrations by Kelly Bjork

02/16/2015 By Allecia Vermillion


Seattle's Hero Nurses

6 local nurses who’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty.

02/09/2015 By Rianna Hidalgo, Darren Davis, and Kate Gibbons

The 12th Mammal

12 Animals That Are Better Seahawks Fans Than Everyone

Because cute.

01/30/2015 By Rosin Saez

Seattle Sound

Death Cab for Cutie Delivers "Black Sun" Lyric Video and Announces Paramount Show

And is *probably* headlining Sasquatch! Festival

01/26/2015 By Seth Sommerfeld

The Sporting Life

10 Things Kam Chancellor Could Probably Jump Over

He's so bouncy!

01/16/2015 By Matthew Halverson

Seattle Designer

Cameron Levin Trunk Show at Butch Blum

See the local designer's newest line of gorgeous suede separates and metallic silk jewelry.

01/16/2015 By Amanda Zurita

Morning Fizz

Questionable Seahawks Mania

Caffeinated News featuring Eyman, Murray, Metro, and SDOT

01/12/2015 By Josh Feit


LawNerd: Court Rulings Show McKenna Must Represent the State. Why Doesn't Gregoire Direct Him to?

Two rulings last week helped define the role of the state attorney general.

09/07/2011 By Advokat


LawNerd: Wal-Mart Case Raises Alarm Bells For Future Discrimination Cases

The reality of the Wal-Mart case: All people, including managers, have biases of which they aren't even aware.

06/24/2011 By Advokat


Officer Birk Could Have Been Charged With Manslaughter

LawNerd argues that King County prosecutor Dan Satterberg could have charged SPD officer Ian Birk with manslaughter in the shooting of John T. Williams. Photo copyright Sean Balch 2011.

02/17/2011 By Advokat

This Washington

Rob McKenna's Legal Battle with Himself

Either McKenna failed to read all the lawsuit documents he signed, causing him to not understand the breadth of what he was asking for, or he has simply been lying when he asserted it wouldn't "overturn or repeal" the entire health care reform act.

02/07/2011 By Advokat