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Campaign Fizz: Rasmussen Challenger Files (At Last)

By Erica C. Barnett July 8, 2011

• Dale Pusey, the lone challenger to city council incumbent Tom Rasmussen, finally filed for the position this afternoon. (As of yesterday, Pusey had raised no money, nor had he officially filed for office, while Rasmussen has already raked in nearly $300,000. Today, Pusey reported giving a $100 contribution to himself). Pusey, who doesn't own a car, commutes daily between the Delridge neighborhood and his IT job in Bellevue.

Reached on his Florida-area-code cell phone (Pusey moved to Seattle from Southwest Florida five years ago), Pusey acknowledged that his campaign is basically quixotic, and said he's running to raise awareness of issues including the rising cost of living, reduced city services, and what he calls a lack of attention to transit.

"[Rasmussen's] leadership on transportation has not been beneficial for everyone, as far as transit especially," Pusey says. "It's very difficult to go carless. I don't own a car; I usually take the bus or bike everywhere. It works for me, but for so many people it doesn't.  To make it more difficult for those who havet use transit---I just don't feel it's right." Specifically, Pusey cites the fact that the Mount Baker Transit Center is across Rainier Ave. S. from Sound Transit's Mount Baker light rail station, forcing riders to traverse five lanes of traffic to transfer between buses and trains.

• Taxi drivers, including several who gave to council incumbent Sally Clark recently, contributed generously last month to council candidate Bobby Forch, who's challenging incumbent Jean Godden. Drivers, along with the BYG Taxi Cooperative and an Indian restaurant, contributed nearly $2,500 to Forch last month. In 2008, Godden pushed back against a proposal to vastly expand the number of taxi licenses in the city (something drivers for STITA Taxi say they desperately need now that they can no longer pick up passengers at the airport) and pushed to require cabbies to buy fuel-efficient cars.
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