The city's Department of Planning and Development sent a letter to the tenants of the 619 Western Building in Pioneer Square---seismically vulnerable artist housing that's in the path of the deep-bore tunnel construction---informing them that, contrary to earlier information from the state Department of Transportation, they must move out by October 1---six months earlier than the previous March 2012 deadline. Additionally, they have to stop hosting First Thursday events by the beginning of August.

The owner of 619 Western plans to renovate the building so it won't fall down in an earthquake, but can't do so on the schedule either DPD or WSDOT has prescribed.

"Failure to make hazard corrections within the specific time period may result in legal action on the part of the city pursuant to the Seattle Building Code," DPD's letter says.

In a letter to tenants, WSDOT's viaduct replacement project manager, Ron Paananan, wrote, "Although the City's decision will change the timeline for relocation, it does not affect WSDOT's commitment to help tenants relocate. We will accelerate our relocation plans to meet this faster schedule. Tenants who qualify for relocation assistance will be entitled to the same benefits regardless of this determination by the Department of Planning and Development."

The city and state will meet with building tenants to talk about relocation assistance (and the "faster schedule" for tenants to move out) on July 27.
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