Sunday (Guest) Editorial

By Josh Feit January 25, 2009

This may come as a surprise, but I'm not going to do a lot of editorializing here at PubliCola. 

Certainly, NewsJunkie (pundit Sandeep Kaushik's column, over there on the left side of the page) is going to be opinionated. Repetitively, I imagine.

And the OMG!Obama column (right below NewsJunkie) is also an opinion page (about the The Big O).

But with the exception of our resident Nerds—MusicNerd and TechNerd, for example—there's not going to be a lot of opinion on this main blog page.

Reporter Chris Kissel and I are simply going to bring you the news we've got, with a heavy focus on our delegation in Washington D.C. and on our legislators in Olympia.

That doesn't mean I'm not going to link to other people's opinion pieces.

Especially ones that I totally fucking agree with.

Dan Bertolet at Hugeassicty—one of the few blogs that made the cut and got included on PubliCola's exclusive blog-rola list—wrote a dynamite post on Friday.  

You can tell he's channeling it with this genius lead:

Well, at least we decided, right?  Hooray, we’re Deciders! We’ve been debating the viaduct so long that deciding has become a glorious end in itself.  Wretched.

What strikes me is how subdued the surface-option cartel has been about this so far.  Where’s the WTF?  Hey there Sightline, Worldchanging, Futurewise, Cascade Land Conservancy, Transportation Choices Coalition,  Seattle Great Cities Initiative, Sustainable Seattle, Allied Arts, and so on, are y’all going to make some noise?  Tell us Quality Growth Alliance, does the tunnel qualify as quality growth?  And hello UW Department of Urban Design and Planning, anybody home?  Might this be an opportunity to focus your awesome analytical resources on something a little more pressing than another publication in an obscure academic journal?

And isn’t anyone the the least bit peeved about how the painstaking work of the viaduct stakeholders committee was completely blown off?  And is it not troublingly bizarre, even if you support the tunnel, that the deep-bore solution was never seriously considered before now?

Ground control to Seattle:  The tunnel is stupid.  As some guy recently said, “the world has changed and we must change with it.”  The tunnel is a solution that is stunningly out of touch with future reality.  The tunnel will not age well at all. 

Read the whole thing.

Full disclosure: Hugeassicty rocks.
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