The Washington Bus, the progressive group that pushes young people to get involved in electoral politics, has hired 24 Summer Fellows to run the group's summer youth outreach campaigns.

The Bus Fellows will be running a candidate forum in Seattle, reaching out to thousands of youth voters for the group's Pledge To Vote Campaign, and learning the tricks of the activist trade. The Fellows need a travel budget, though, and tonight's your chance to help them out.

To kick off the political boot camp, the Bus is throwing a fancy inauguration party tonight.

If you aren't immediately psyched about empowering the state's next generation of political organizers, consider this: tonight's inauguration is in an alley. Nord Alley, in Pioneer Square.

And what's cooler than hanging out in an alley? Hanging out with elected officials in an alley.

State Reps. Joe Fitzgibbon (D-34) and Eric Pettigrew (D-37) will be there to welcome the Fellows. Other Seattle political bigwigs on hand include council members Tom Rasmussen, Richard Conlin, Sally Bagshaw, King County Executive Dow Constantine, and Port Commissioner John Creighton.

"Exquisite food" will be provided.

Nord Alley, Between 1st Ave. S. & Occidental Ave S. and S. Main St. & S. Jackson St. Free.

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