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By Erica C. Barnett June 16, 2011

Josh will be on KOMO radio at 1:45 today talking about yesterday's big news that Gov. Chris Gregoire signed off on a bipartisan bill to put the state's liquor distribution system out to bid.

The question: What does it mean for full-on privatization?

The news was certainly timely for us. We published dueling editorials in this week's PubliCola ThinkTank—one by the president of the Northwest Grocery Association and one by a potential bidder on the distribution system. The NWGA is opposed to the privatization half-step of just leasing out the distribution system. They prefer, and are backing, an initiative for total privatization.

Read both editorials and the comments from the Cola ThinkTank here.

And tune in to KOMO. 1000 AM.

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