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Seattle Times: Stadium Taxes Still in Play

By Josh Feit May 23, 2011

The Seattle Times reports that Sen. Scott White (D-46, N. Seattle) is making one more pass at the stadium taxes bill. The legislation extends taxes that initially went to pay off the stadiums and reallocates them (and other ongoing taxes) to fund the arts, workforce housing, and a planned expansion of the Seattle Convention Center.

Though the bill failed on the senate floor last week, White says he wants to make another run at it, arguing that the amendment mandating a public vote came up at the last minute, and he wants more time to make the case for the bill with that stipulation.

White is quoted in the Times:
Even a last-minute amendment specifying such a vote wasn't enough for the previous bill to pass. White said Sunday, "We would've liked to have more time to discuss that provision."
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