Seattle Opts Out

By Afternoon Jolt May 10, 2011

Today's Loser: Yellow Pages Companies.

At a briefing of the council's utilities committee this afternoon, Seattle Public Utilities policy advisor Dick Lilly told committee members that nearly 17,000 people have already signed up for a new online registry allowing Seattle residents to opt out of receiving phone books, which works out to more than 100,000 fewer phone book deliveries. That, in turn, is the equivalent of 80 tons of paper waste avoided since the registry went live last week.

Residents have until May 16 to opt out of receiving books from DexOne, the largest local yellow pages company. Lilly said the city will have a phone-in version of the registry in place by June.

Today's Winner: Transit Advocates

In this morning's Morning Fizz, we reported that state house transportation chair, Rep. Judy Clibborn (D-41, Mercer Island), was planning to swap out the transit friendly transportation funding bill her committee passed earlier this month for a bill that scaled back transit investments such as funding for light rail.

The new bill, which was announced in caucus yesterday as leadership queued it for a vote today, didn't have the support to pass on the floor because pro-transit Democrats refused to go along with the new version.
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