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Legislature Has Budget Deal

By Josh Feit May 23, 2011

With deals coming together on workers' comp and the capital budget debt limit, the AP has a report the state house and senate  have a budget deal.

Details, budget leader Sen. Ed Murray tells PubliCola, will be announced tomorrow. Murray says: "We will share [details] tomorrow. It goes without saying this is still a painful process, and we both still cut $5 billion." (See our roundup of the cuts here—which aren't likely to change much.)

Sen. Murray told us last week he was confident a deal was on the way, but he was more worried about the mechanics of leaving enough time to print the budget bill and get it to a vote before this Wednesday's deadline.

Today, the AP reports, he's a bit more confident about the deadline.
"We've got a deal," said Democratic Sen. Ed Murray as lawmakers from both parties and chambers emerged from a conference room. Gov. Chris Gregoire has been involved in the negotiations for days. Murray said he expects they will be able to pass the budget by Wednesday.
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