Plan to Jump Off Bridge May Be Dangerous!

By Josh Feit April 19, 2011

As long as Erica is getting cranky about the Seattle Times, here's my own C is for Crank.

Don't worry, though. It's a very short rant.

I'm not sure if this was one of those tortured attempts at being "objective," but what was with yesterday's Seattle Times front-page headline?



"May"? The story is about a state budget proposal that will cap emergency room visits for "non-emergencies" for Medicaid recipients.

The article explains the alarming situation well:
That may be, but it hasn't stopped criticism of the state's list of nonemergency conditions — a 15-page compendium of hundreds of diagnosis codes with terse descriptions.

As they pored over the list, critics say, they were astounded to find conditions such as hypoglycemic coma or asthma attacks weren't considered to be emergencies. They worry that parents and patients might self-diagnose and make risky, life-threatening choices to stay under the limit — particularly since budget cuts are reducing other options.

"Not taking one's child for treatment for these conditions would result in a report to Child Protective Services," said Leo Greenawalt, president of the Washington State Hospital Association.

The headline does not.
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