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Intiman Cancels 2011 Season

By Josh Feit April 17, 2011

The Intiman Theater at Seattle Center has canceled the remainder of its 2011 season. The Slog and the Seattle Times have the details on yesterday's announcement from the Intiman's board.

The fate of the Intiman may not seem like it's on PubliCola's beat, but as I wrote last month, there’s a connection between arts and politics (and not in that block-headed protest music way—oy vey). I mean in that way when the line stretches around the corner at SIFF; when a hip-hop show at the Punctuation gallery on Pike St. is jam-packed; and when a friend says they just saw a great play at the Annex. Those are political wins for Seattle.When you’re poring over urban policy briefs, like Erica, and Andrew, and I do, at your core, you are a booster for urban arts.

This is a terrible loss.
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