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Extra Fizz: House Chooses Negotiating Team on Transpo Bill

By Josh Feit April 20, 2011

A quick follow-up on yesterday's story about the transportation funding bill—a $20 fee on vehicle licenses to help fund King County Metro.

Earlier this month, the house amended the senate version of the bill, taking out a requirement that the county council has to approve the fee with a two-thirds vote. (The liberal house didn't like the Eyman overtones.)

But the senate wants the provision to stand. The disagreement has forced a "conference"—where both sides send representatives to work out a deal. The senate team—senate transportation chair Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen and bill sponsor Sen. Scott White, along with ranking GOPer Sen. Curtis King—has been in place for a few days.

The house team was named this morning: House transportation chair Rep. Judy Clibborn, house sponsor Rep. Marko Liias, and ranking GOP member, Rep. Mike Armstrong.

As the ranking Republican on the transportation committee, it's not a surprise that Armstrong is on the committee, but Armstrong is a big advocate of the the two-thirds rule, which could tilt things in the senate's favor.
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