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Cascade Bike Club Could Retain Ousted Director

By Erica C. Barnett April 1, 2011

Today, the Cascade Bicycle Club announced the results of last week's election to replace the group's previous board, whose members resigned en masse earlier this year after the controversial firing of popular Cascade executive director Chuck Ayers. The new board could decide to retain Ayers despite his earlier commitment to leave the organization, several club members tell PubliCola.

The basic dispute at the club has been over the group's overall mission: Is the aim of the bike club to advocate for pro-bike policies at the state and city levels, or should it be focused solely on organizing rides and social events? Ayers, and his controversial lobbyist David Hiller, have been staunchly in the pro-advocacy camp, and Ayers was fired in part because he refused to fire Hiller.

"He has said that his gentlemen's agreement with the old board [to leave the organization] was simply that---a gentlemen's agreement," Cascade Bicycle Club member Kelli Currie, who supported the board's mass resignation, says. "I'm not sure what the new board's plans are for Chuck, but there are a lot of people---a lot of members---who want to see him stay."

The new Cascade board includes just one member of the previous board, Don Volta. The group will vote on another slate of new board members in October, when the board will be expanded from its current nine members to 15.
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