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By Josh Feit March 4, 2011

Clearly, Erica and I aren't writing the PubliCola PubliCalendar items anymore.
Seattle-based balladier Damien Jurado spins affecting character studies over mininal folk guitar. Fans of Pedro the Lion will swoon. $12.


Local chamber pop outfit, Grand Hallway, combine a string section with alt-country gallop, making songs that swell from intimate banjo plinks to orchestral pomp. To check out PubliCola’s video of Grand Hallway leader, Tomo Nakayama, performing at the Columbia City Theater click here. $12.

A) We don't know what Pedro the Lion is.
B) Alt-county gallop? We don't write like that.
C) Anand is a fabulous calender editor. Send your events his way. [email protected] And yes, he writes about the do-gooder political stuff too:
Social activist/poet/ playwright/ producer/ director/ conductor/ actor/ best-selling author Dr. Maya Angelou speaks at the paramount.
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