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Seattle PI: McGinn Says Schools Need "Fundamental Change"

By Andrew Calkins March 2, 2011

In the aftermath of the Seattle Public Schools scandal and this morning's news that the district's board will likely give Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson the boot, the Seattle PI reports on Mayor Mike McGinn saying the school's need a "fundamental change."
Speaking at length for the first time about the financial scandal enveloping the school district, McGinn said the schools have to regain the public's trust. However the mayor said he would proceed with a new city education levy, emphasizing that the projects and monies would be controlled by City Hall, not the district.

On the upcoming families and education levy: "Will the fallout from this affect the Families and Education levy? Of course it could. It's not just the levy it affects. It affects kids. This is fundamental stuff."

Last week Josh editorialized that McGinn should pounce on the scandal as an opportunity to make good on a campaign promise to take control of Seattle schools. Today, McGinn told reporters only that the city is ready to be a "partner" with the district.
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