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PI.com: All But One SPD DUI Officer Reassigned

By Erica C. Barnett March 21, 2011

Three of four members of the Seattle Police Department's DUI squad have been reassigned pending an investigation into "supervisory inconsistencies" by the division, the PI reports.
Department policy requires all arrests be screened in person with the sergeant. But Kimberly Mills, spokeswoman for City Attorney Pete Holmes, said the sergeant was not screening the arrests in person.

The practice went on for many months, and dozens of cases are affected, she said. [...]

Seattle police did not say specifically if the any of those reassigned could be investigated for false swearing; state law makes it a gross misdemeanor for a person to make a false statement under a lawful oath. False swearing cases are rare in Washington.

In a statement, the police department said,
The scope of the investigation at this point focuses on the administrative policy violation of screening all arrests with a supervisor in person, which department policy requires. This investigation is in its infancy.  The scope may change as new information is developed.

Seattle Police commanders have met with Craig Sims, head of the Criminal Division at the City Attorney’s Office, and advised him of the internal investigation into members of the DUI squad. Seattle Police commanders believe that these concerns are limited to the DUI squad.

The DUI squad is comprised of one sergeant and four officers and works nighttime hours.  Efforts are underway providing for temporary backfill for these duties while the involved employees are on administrative reassignment.
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