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By Josh Feit March 14, 2011

1) Your daily Morning Fizz.
2) Anand says: James Gleick's "work on the 1995 Microsoft anti-trust case and his New York Times Magazine Fast Forward column put him directly at the hyperactive intersection of technology, commerce, and government."
3) fact checks the anti-tunnel campaign on 619 Western's "cost overrun."
4) Digital camera in the house.
5) U.W. and the parking tax. What's next?
6) Blue Green alliance: Hippies and hard hats unite on TransAlta deal.
7) Citing SPD sources, has the latest story on Shandy Cobane, the officer in the "Mexican piss" assault.
8 ) ECB says: "Neither side is being honest. The anti-tunnel campaign isn’t a true grassroots campaign, but nor is it purely a McGinn fabrication. What’s really going on in this debate is that both sides are spinning melodramatic storylines to justify their positions."
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