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By Erica C. Barnett March 9, 2011

1) Your daily Morning Fizz.
2) Mayor Mike McGinn says even though his family has given to the anti-tunnel campaign, he'll stand down if voters turn the referendum down.
3) McGinn is optimistic about the fate of his proposal to locate a semi-permanent homeless encampment in the SODO neighborhood.
4) Spokane Spokesman-Review reports that a suspect has been arrested in the recent Spokane bomb scare.
5) The New York Times reports that Seattle grew faster than comparable cities because we're better-educated.
6) Contrary to housing advocates' fears, McGinn has appointed a permanent director for the city's housing office.
7) More than half the money donated so far to the anti-tunnel campaign has come from just two contributors.
8 ) State Democratic Party chair Dwight Pelz has harsh words for both Democrats and Republicans.
9) The updated Worldchanging book is out and available online.
10) A New York Times story all but blames an 11-year-old rape victim for the crime.
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