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By Erica C. Barnett March 1, 2011

1) Your daily Morning Fizz.
2) The C is for Crank: Seattle cops don't have to live inside city limits to share Seattle's "values."
3) A bill allowing paid surrogacy in Washington State passes the house on mostly partisan lines.
4) Anand on Baths, a "California computer-music prodigy" who's playing at Chop Suey tonight.
5) The city considers changes to the rules governing elected officials' use of Facebook and Twitter.
6) Saying "no" to the deep-bore tunnel is one thing, but what are Seattle residents for?
7) The reports on a study about the impact of taller buildings in South Lake Union.
8 ) Shutting down the city is no way to respond to police brutality, the C is for Crank argues.
9) Transportation Choices has the goods on Pierce Transit's plan to cut 35 percent of its service by October.
10) Your daily Afternoon Jolt: The newly uninsured and the Puget Sound.
11) A new report shows that annexing unincorporated White Center will cost Seattle $5 million more than it creates in new revenues every year.
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