The Spokesman-Review's Jim Camden doesn't care too much about Christina Aguilera's "Star-Spangled Banner" malfunction during yesterday's Super Bowl. (In case you missed it, Aguilera left out some words.)

It's not that Camden isn't a patriot, though. In fact, he's pretty exercised about another omission: When Fox TV showed NFL stars reading the Declaration of Independence, they left out all the stuff in the middle about the colonists' grievances against King George III.
It's true Fox and the NFL picked the most recognizable parts. But the list of grievances is what drove the Revolution. And with so many modern day patriots calling for a new watering of the Tree of Liberty because of alleged tyranny they feel they are experiencing, maybe it would be good for the folks at home to hear what really drives a move to overthrow a government.

True, it might have eaten up a significant chunk of expensive television time. But it might at least have been nice if someone mentioned they were doing the Reader's Digest version.

The entire text of the Declaration---with the parts Fox omitted helpfully italicized for emphasis---can be found at the Spokesman-Review's blog.
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