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By Josh Feit February 28, 2011

Please welcome Anand Balasubrahmanyan back to PubliCola. You may remember Anand. He was in our stable of arts nerds back in the early days when we had such a thing. (He was our MusicNerd.)

Anand—who wrote this 2000-word feature for us (among other great pieces) on Seattle hip hop artist GMK and produced lovely podcasts too—is returning as our PubliCalendar editor.

The PubliCal is mostly dedicated to civic events—and all of your forums, lectures, rallies, and do-gooder stuff will still be listed. But in Anand's hands, expect the calendar to start paying close attention to Seattle's humming arts and culture scene too.

Even though we're obsessed with local politics, we're also into the arts. In fact, we see a clear connection between local politics and local arts. We always have. When you're invested in the civic life of a city, at your core, you're pretty much a booster for its cultural side too. That's why we had that stable of arts nerds (and a SoundersNerd) in the first place.

We bit off more than we could chew with all the arts nerds, and eventually we decided to keep PubliCola focused exclusively on local politics—with the occasional "Last Night" post about the "groovy" night spots I go to or Erica's latest recipe for fava bean arugula walnut pesto.

We're still dedicated to the nonstop, obsessive politics coverage. But we just couldn't stay away from our need to moon over the arty stuff in town any more.

So we're bringing back Anand. Anand  is going to fill out the PubliCal with arts events, and he's also going to do a daily post hyping specific calendar events he thinks deserve an exclusive shoutout.
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